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Super insulation Super insulation

Aerosquare makes ultra-insulated products that are commercially viable and efficient based on its own technology

Incombustible Nonflammable

Aerosquare makes good and efficient non-flammable products based on its own technology

Waterproof . Breathable Waterproof penetration

Aerosquare makes ultra-insulated products that are commercially viable and efficient based on its own technology

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  1. Applicable to the products requiring ultra-insulated, semi-non-combustible, moisture-proof, and hydrophobic properties features.

Product family

  1. Defense/Military supplies: Insole, military boots, field rugs, mobile camouflage net, anti-IR detection (tent, poncho), etc

  2. Special insulation and internal equipment: Internal/external car components, airplanes, high-speed trains, spaceships, etc

  3. Outdoor / Industrial safety goods(Personal protective equipment): hiking boots, winter boots, heat-resistance gloves and boots, safety clothing, etc


  1. Without losing the characteristics of aerogel, AEROSQUARE® product overcomes the difficulties of commercialization of aerogel blanket.

  2. Free shaping enables AEROSQUARE® product to be applied to various fields without limitation.

Core technology name Technical Overview
Laminating technology Combination of the surface of the aerogel blanket with a moisture-proof layer without dust scattering
Quilting technology A technique for controlling and limiting the flowability and surface uniformity of aerogel blankets
Formulation technology Multi-Filling and Shaping technologies of Aerogel Blankets
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1. Aerogel Blanket


2. Laminating


3. Multiple fillings

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4. Productization

Laminated Structural Fabric

방수 단열 투습 특수(라미네이팅 제품 레이어) 멘브레인 에어로젤블랑켓

Quilting &
Formulation Products Sample

흰색 원단샘플 주황색 원단샘플

Pipe Insulation Thickness Comparison

Same Insulation Capability Criteria

Advantages of Aerosquare over Other Materials



Complement current technical difficulty by preventing aerogel to scatter and clump it’s particles



Over 90% of porosity, Lighter than other materials of the same performance



Provide constant insulating performance by the waterproof and breathable features


Thermal protection

The melting point of aerogel is over 1000 °C. It protects human body in the extremely hot condition.Maintain the same performance with 30% reduced thickness

에어로젤 특성을 유지하고 원하는 성형이 가능한 진공 다중충진 첨단 소재 기술
Aerogel Sortation AEROSQUARE
ultra-lightweight, ultra-insulated, heat-proof
Waterproof, eco-friendly
Material properties ultra-lightweight, ultra-insulated, heat-proof
Waterproof, eco-friendly
Molding constraints Plastic surgery application Molding function, thin film function
Infiltration Applied Technology Vacuum and Multi-Fill + Laminating
Vibration-free fixed form only Coverage Universal without limitation of use