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“Provides direction for energy problems.”

AEROSQUARE® as the world's only brand owns aerogel processing source technology, we provide the maximized energy efficient solutions against the existing insulation in the market. We'd like to provide solutions to energy problems that are becoming a hot topic. We seek to contribute our effort to solving the world environmental issues.

By using the ultra-insulated, semi-non-combustible, waterproof, and moisture-proof materials, we have improved the durability and achieved the dirt resistance to overcome the well-known weakness of the usual aerogel products. With these competitive edges, we launched the AEROSQUARE® brand.

With our next generation product, AEROSQUARE® has officially signed supply contracts with many domestic companies. We aim to supply the best product and equipment, through the strict quality control, R&D, and investment. We will put our best effort to become a leading company in the industry.

Based on the customer-centered service and the many years of the experience, AEROSQUARE® is growing into a strong company in the future eco-friendly energy industry. We will make the brighter future with our valuable customers.